Artist Run Label Based In Los Angeles.

Danger Collective is a handpicked collection of all the artists and bands we find are a potential danger to mainstream music, and pop music as a whole. No one genre defines us; instead we focus our attention on great songwriting that tends to permeate through multiple scenes and sounds.With an ever-growing roster of rising artists and 60 plus releases to date, we continue to release the music we love. 


Physical/Digital: House Arrest/ Fat Possum


Always Lovers


DCR090 T-Rextasy - Girl, Friend (Digital Single)

DCR089 Brutus VIII - A Hackney Pursuit (Digital / Cassette)

DCR088 Dirt Buyer - Dirt Buyer (Digital Album)

DCR087 BOYO - Dance Alone (Digital Album)

DCR086 Airhead DC - crush hi (LP, CD, Cassette, Digital)

DCR085 Jotay - My Friend (Digital Single)

DCR084 P.H.F. - I Hate Myself (LP/Cassette/Digital)

DCR083 raener - HYBHB (CD/Digital)

DCR082 Salvia Palth - Melanchole (Vinyl Reissue) (Summer 2018)

DCR081 French Vanilla - S/T (Deluxe Vinyl Edition)

DCR080 Current Joys - A Different Age (LP/CD/Cassette/Digital) (March, 2, 2018)

DCR079 Surf Curse - Sadboys (Vinyl Reissue) (May 2018)

DCR078 Surf Curse - Buds (Vinyl Reissue) (May 2018)

DCR077 Momma - TBA (April 2018)

DCR076 Cobra Man - New Driveway Soundtrack (LP/CD/Cassette/Digital)

DCR075 BOYO - Me, Again (LP/CD/Cassette/Digital)

DCR070-75 Current Joys: Cassette Discography

DCR069 Current Joys & BOYO - Split (vinyl/digital)

DCR066 Model/Actriz - "No" (cassette/digital)

DCR065 Field Medic - “if i shout that the revolutions in my blind heart have left me on the mend, would i still have to surrender to the tides to exorcise this possession?”(cassette/digital)

DCR064 Surf Curse - "Demos" (cassette coming soon) 

DCR063 French Vanilla - "S/T" (cassette/cd/digital)

DCR062 BOYO - "Machines Ep" (cassette/digital)

DCR061 Milk - Issue(s) (cassette/digital)

DCR060 Rexx - "To Communicate" (Cassette / Digital)

DCR059 P.H.F. - "9MM" (co-release w/ plastic response records)

DCR058 Surf Curse -"Nothing Yet" (LP/cassette/cd/digital)

DCR057 Melt - "Riffer" (LP/CD/Digital) (cassette via Topshelf Records)

DCR056  Slow Hollows - "Romantic" (LP/cd/cassette/digitial)

DCR055 BOYO - "Good As Gone" (Single/Digital)

DCR054 Coming Soon

DCR053  Lance bangs -"Lance Mountain EP" (cassette/digital co-release with Citrus City Records)

DCR052  Surf Curse -"Buds/Sadboys" (cassette) 

DCR051 Roses - "Camera Trouble" (cd & cassette co-release with group tightener) october 28th, 2016

DCR050 Coming Soon

DCR049 Coming Soon

DCr048 Coming Soon

DCR047 BOYO - "Control" (LP/CD/CASS/digital) Out August 26, 2016

DCR045 Tongues - "S/T" (Cassette)

DCR044 Jordaan Mason - "The Decline of Stupid Fucking Western Civilization" (Cassette reissue)

DCR043 Boys Age - "The Red" (Cassette)

DCR042 Derek Ted - "Wilted in summer" (co-release cassette w/ Sunroom Recordz & Salon)

DCR041 Roidz - "S-E-L-F-E-S-T-E-E-M" (Cassette/Digital)

DCR040 Paul Jacobs- "I'm Into What You're Into" (Cassette/CD/Digital) 

DCR039 Skipped this one on accident

DCR038 Salmon - "Way Yonder Far" (Cassette/Digital)

DCR037 Roy Irwin - "S.O.D.A" (cassette courtesy of 1:12 records)

DCR036 Popheart - Kuyama Drama/Sun Sapped 7" vinyl (Out April 21, 2017)

DCR035 Casinos - "An Album"  (LP/cass/cd/dl) 

DCR034 Celebrity Crush - "Halo Effect"  (cassette)

DCR033 Wild Wing - "Underground Heaven/Green Reaper"  (7" vinyl/Digital Co-release HArd Feelings Records) Out January 31st 2016

Dcr032 FERBUS - "s/t" (cassette/cd/digital Download)

DCR031 Part Time - H.F.M. (2xLP, cassette, CD) 

DCR030 Free Weed s/t reissue (co-release with plastic Response records) 

DCR029 Boyhead - "anteroom"  (cassette)

DCR028 Dream Panther - "MOst Valuable Panther (MVP)" (Vinyl/Cassette)

DCR027 P.H.F. - "Soft" (cassette)

DCR026 r.ariel - "This world" (cassette/cd/digital)

DCR025 Casino hearts - "The Best of casino hearts" (cassette/digital)

DCR024 Adeodat Warfield - "Guess Work"  (Cassette/CD/Digital)

DCR023 Janelane - "peaches and cream ep"  (cassette/digital)

DCR022 Slow Hollows - "Atelophobia" (cassette/Digital/ vinyl)

DCR021 Out of Print

DCR020 Airhead DC -"Two Eps" (cassette/digital)

DCR019 Eerie Glue -"Bedroom Buzz" Co released with Plastic Response (Cassette/digital)

DCR018 Moaning and Roses - "Split" (cassette)

DCR017 Tj Sicilia -  "2002-2010"  (Co released with Gnar Tapes) (cassette/digital)

DCR016 The Fontaines - "EP" (Vinyl)

DCR015 P.H.F. -"Grind state" (Cassette)

DCR014 Kid Cassidy - "The Destroyer" (cassette)

DCR013 Was Not Released due to superstition

DCR012 Gregory McKillop -"Little demon on the backseat" (cassette) (Out of Print)

DCR011 Boys Age -"Night Sparkles" (cassette/digital)

DCR010 REXX -"INTO THE INTROVERSE 7" (vinyl/digital)


DCR008 Out of Print

DCR007 NIRVANUS - "Bootleg Dong EP" (cd/digital) (Out of Print)



DCR004  BOBBY T. & THE SLACKERS - "Peach Fuzz" (cassette/digital) 

DCR003  HOLLOWS - "I'm Just as Bad as You are" (cassette/cd/digital) (Out of Print)

DCR002  FRANKY FLOWERS - "Blue Eyes EP" (cassette/cd/digital)

DCR001  Casinos - "S/T" (cassette/cd/digital)