Cobra Man

The band, made up of Andrew Harris and Sarah Rayne, got its start when Thrasher agreed to premier The Worble’s first Manramp video and the collective asked Harris to write music for it.

Harris knew the Mull brothers from the East Coast, and they all ended up in LA in 2012. The brothers were "basically living out of a van so I let everybody cram into my bedroom in my apartment," says Harris. "Everybody ended up moving in and we were all poor as hell. Dave used to eat a single, whole sautéed onion for dinner on a regular basis. At one point we were eating pasta with salsa as sauce out of used beer pong cups."

After upgrading their living situation to a warehouse (and DIY show space) in Glassell Park, Andrew and Sarah met through mutual friends. He knew of her work in her band, Babes, and asked her if she wanted to collaborate… soon after they formed Cobra Man. 


DCR076 - New Driveway Soundtrack (co-release w/ Goner Records)

New Driveaway Full Video

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