Rex Osterkamp, native of Orange, CA, began writing music under the name REXX in 2012 with the release of his first album “My New Punk Rock Life” on Burger Records. After the split of his previous band, M.H.V. Rex continued to release music until he had three records under his belt over the span of two years. The records consisted of catchy power-pop songwriting with programmed drum machines, punchy guitar, bass, and synthesizer all performed by Osterkamp himself. You can hear his production and songwriting grow from record to record as you listen to his discography.  

Constantly writing music during the week, and playing shows on the weekend, Rex caught the attention of Hedi Slimane, the creative director of Yves Saint Laurent. Rex travelled to Paris, France for fashion week and walked the runway in the summer of 2013 and was subsequently featured in the brand’s spring/summer 2014 ad campaign. After the release of his fourth record, “I Really Tried To Save the Day” on Japanese label Magniph, Osterkamp travelled to Tokyo to play a number of shows and meet his Japanese fans. 

After returning from Japan, REXX moved to Los Angeles and began auditioning musicians for his new live band. Rex began working with Theo Cohn (bass) and Jackson Katz (drums) in the summer of 2014. Together, they started writing new music, which took the project in a new direction. Inspired by specific 80’s post-punk bands, their influences include The Minutemen, Gang of Four, and Devo. “To Communicate,” the latest REXX ep, is filled with angular guitar chords, funk bass lines and manic drum patterns that tie it all together. While leaving some of the more pop elements of the previous records behind, the three have managed to reinvent the sound while still keeping the REXX charm that his fans associate him with.


"to Communicate" (ep) 2016

"To Communicate" Full Stream

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